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Free micro-chipping with the DSPCA

10 May


The DSPCA is launching an initiative called Microchip 2016 whereby they are offering to microchip 2,016 dogs for free in the next few weeks. This is a fantastic opportunity as it can cost around 40 euros to get your dog microchipped, and soon it will be mandatory for all dogs to have a chip. I’ve booked Paddy in for next Saturday – I doubt he’ll look as happy as he does in this photo afterwards but at least I’ll have peace of mind! 🙂

For more info check out the DSPCA webpage.

Paddy’s pug party!

18 Nov


Photo taken from Dublin Pug Club Facebook page.

Today was the day I’ve been looking forward to for weeks… Paddy’s first Dublin Pug Club meeting! The day didn’t start as well as it could have because the Union Jack jumper that I had ordered him to keep him toasty warm and patriotic at the same time didn’t arrive on time, but we let this go and set off to Herbert Park anyway.

When we arrived, there were pugs as far as the eye can see. Everyone was so friendly and wanted to know how old Paddy was and what breed he was crossed with. At first he was too shy to join in and just cowered in between our feet, but after a few minutes he was tearing around with the rest of them. He made lots of friends, including a girl called Maggie (who I think he wanted to be his girlfriend) and a 5-year old pug called Hendrix with whom he developed a bit of a bromance!


Paddy being too shy to join in – Photo taken by Denver Breslin

All in all it was a great success and we’re looking forward to the Christmas meeting. I’d encourage any fellow pug owners who haven’t yet been to give it a go as it’s a great way to get your dog socialised and you get to meet people as crazy as yourself!


Paddy hitting on the ladies – Photo taken by Denver Breslin

For more information, check out The Dublin Pug Club on Facebook.

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Love pugs, not drugs!

9 Oct


I’ve been offline for a couple of days because all my time has been taken up with a new arrival to my household – a gorgeous 2-month old “pugell” (pug crossed with a Jack Russell). I saw an advert for him on Done Deal, which seems to be Ireland’s answer to Gumtree, and after much pestering I finally managed to get the other half on board with the idea.

We got a Bus Éireann coach down to Cavan, which we presumed would be much quicker than it actually was. It was my first experience using that company, and I wouldn’t be keen to repeat it. The times advertised online bore no relation to what time we actually arrived at our destination! What should have taken 3 hours in total took over 5; we were not impressed! Although the journey made me feel travel-sick and exhausted, it did give us plenty of time to come up with a name for him. We decided on Paddy to reflect his Irish roots, and he seems to like it as he’s already responding when we call him!

Although we don’t have a garden, we do live next to the Grand Canal and several parks where he will be able to run his little legs off. When he’s a bit older, we plan on taking him to the beach near our apartment (close to the Aviva stadium) at weekends, as there always seems to be some kind of dog party going on so he will be able to make some friends.

I am definitely going to be one of those people who talks about and posts pictures of their dogs all the time and expects everyone to be interested, so apologies in advance!

If anyone knows of any nice walks in Dublin, or can recommend a good vet and dog training classes, please comment below.

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