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Enjoying the sunshine at Glendalough

15 Jun


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

16 Mar

Paddy getting in the festive spirit! Happy Paddy’s Day Eve to one and all 🙂 DD xXx

Pampered puppies

24 Jan


Paddy cuddling up with his new teddy

If you don’t have a car in Dublin, your choice of pet shop is pretty limited. There are a few small ones dotted about the quays but I’ve found them to be overpriced and under stocked. I’ve been on the lookout for a local shop for a while as I wanted to stock up on a few treats for Paddy’s half-birthday (sad I know!), and the name which keeps cropping up during my online searches (and at the Dublin Pug Club) is MuttUgly.

After coming across it again at the weekend, I decided to give it a visit. There are three branches in Dublin, but we opted for the Ranelagh store as it was the only one open on Saturdays and is a scenic 30 minute walk from our apartment.

Although the shop is quite small, I was pleasantly surprised by what we discovered. They stock a wide variety of collars and leads as well as bowls, toys, beds, toiletries and even hair accessories (or should that be fur accessories?!) for the more fashion-conscious owner. The shop also doubles-up as a groomers and doggy day-care, so there were about 10 dogs all having a ball in the back. The shop assistant was very helpful and friendly and spent a long time helping us choose what we wanted, and even got two similar-sized puppies out of the back for Paddy to have a play with.
MuttUgly also offers a boarding facility, but the staff take the dogs to their own homes so they are surrounded by people (and other dogs) rather than being stuck in a kennel. At 22€ per night it isn’t cheap, but apparently only a couple of euros more than the DSPCA charge for a kennel stay so I think the peace of mind would be worth it.

After choosing a new collar, lead, microwavable teddy (which Paddy now carries EVERYWHERE!) and some doggy breath freshener which he is sorely in need of, I left the shop 40€ lighter but with a feeling that I will definitely be back to buy more puppy paraphernalia in the future.

For any Dublin Pug Club members, MuttUgly also offers a Pug Pamper session (a full groom including nail clip) for 25€ every third Monday of the month.

If anyone knows of any other local shops, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Happy Christmas!

13 Dec

As the year is winding down for Christmas and I’m actually spending this weekend in London and Christmas week in Liverpool, I’m going to sign off for 2012.

Thanks for checking what I’ve been up to in Dublin so far – I’ve had over 800 hits in the 3 months since I started the blog and I hope to attract even more readers in the New Year.

I’ll leave you with this picture of Paddy (who as you can see from his facial expression was very keen to get involved) getting in the festive spirit!

Happy Christmas to one and all!



The Dublin Pug Club

31 Oct


Paddy enjoying the autumn leaves!

Paddy had a very eventful Saturday this week. First of all, he had an appointment at the vet during which he made friends (yayyy!!) with a Siberian husky who was literally more than 10 times his size, and then got a vaccination (boo!). On our way out of the vets, a lady stopped us to have a cuddle with him and told us that she too has a black pug whose name is (you guessed it!) Paddy. She invited us to the next meeting of The Dublin Pug Club, who meet every 3rd Sunday of the month at Herbert Park in Ballsbridge. She was so friendly and excited about it that I instantly decided that it would be a great way for both Paddy and I to make new friends.

After a long walk home from the vet, we decided to stop at Il Valentino (the best bakery in Dublin, in my humble opinion) to get an afternoon treat when we were again approached by two ladies who were out walking their pugs. They also wanted to cuddle and coo over Paddy, and they too invited us to the next Dublin Pug Club meeting. If I had realised owning a pug was such a conversation-starter, I would have got one when I first moved to Ireland! We left feeling like we had joined a secret society, and with Paddy feeling like a mini-celebrity after so much attention.

We’re definitely looking forward to our first meeting (November 18th), and if anyone else fancies coming there is more information on The Dublin Pug Club Facebook page. I’ll be sure to post pictures of Paddy’s adventure on here!

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