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Let me just take a second to say…

10 Feb


We wonnnnnnn! England beat Ireland 12-6 today in the Six Nations Rugby tournament. Pretty good result for my first ever rugby match! My friend Laura made us some English roses for our tshirts, so we were appropriately dressed when we thrashed our opponents. This earned us some dirty looks at the pub…




3 Oct


A week or so ago I saw an offer on Groupon for reduced-price Bikram Yoga classes. I’ve always fancied trying it, and seeing as I haven’t exercised at all since moving to Ireland I thought I’d give it a go. There were two options – 3 classes for €18 or 8 classes for €39. I decided to pick the 3-class option to be on the safe side; I have a history of giving up exercise classes when they get too tough!

The offer stated that all participants must bring their own towel, yoga mat and bottle of water, but that these could also be rented (or bought in the case of the water) for €2 each.

I booked my first class for yesterday evening at 6.30pm. The classes last for 90 minutes, and we were asked to turn up 20 minutes early to register. I ended up being about 40 minutes early as I decided to go straight from work, but in the end I was glad as the amount of people who turned up was ridiculous.

Whilst completing my registration form, I was chatting to the owner. I asked if they’d had much uptake. She told me that they’d sold over 1,000 of the deals on Groupon. That means that they were raking in at least €18,000 for the month. Add on the €2 here and there for renting the mats and towels and this was turning out to be a proper money-spinner for them.

Due to the popularity of the class, it was unpleasantly overcrowded. There was a small changing room and showers, but as a class was finishing as ours was starting you had to push and shove for a space. It was a little chaotic to say the least. I would recommend anyone else who goes to change before they arrive, or to wear their yoga outfit under their clothes as it was not a very calming way to start a class!

The class itself was better than I expected, although it was quite difficult and very sweaty. The instructor was clearly experienced and offered exercises to interest beginners and experts alike. He had arranged the room so that the more proficient amongst us were at the front to help demonstrate for the novices. Evidently, I was at the back of the class! We were encouraged to take our time and not to push ourselves too far, and to sit down and breathe calmly if we felt dizzy or overwhelmed, which a lot of us did.

I had to sit down a couple of times but overall I was quite proud of my effort. Despite having a wobbly moment when I couldn’t stop laughing at the instructor’s order to “twist like a pearl necklace”, I felt like I had pushed myself and had definitely benefited from the poses I managed to complete.

Although the whole experience was a bit shambolic, I think this is largely due to the fact that they weren’t expecting such a large uptake on the offer and that a smaller class would be much more peaceful and rewarding. For my next class, I will choose a weekend session instead and I’m hoping this will mean I’m able to get more out of it.

For anyone who’s interested in taking up Bikram Yoga, the studio can be found at 56-58 Drury Street and there is more information on their website or on Facebook.

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