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Idyllic Ireland

18 Jun


How gorgeous is this photo I took when my friend Laura and I took Paddy for a walk at Glendalough on Saturday? The way the light comes through the trees looks a bit spooky and it reminds me of the forests in Twilight. If only Robert Pattinson had emerged from in between them!

Enjoying the sunshine at Glendalough

15 Jun


Shaken not stirred!

15 Jun


Last week, Lost Society posted on Twitter about a competition they were running to win a free cocktail class for 10 people. All you had to do was retweet and email them your contact details and the winner would be picked at random. So far, so simple. I retweeted their message, sent in my details, and miraculously I won! This is the third thing I’ve won since moving to Dublin, (guess I have the luck of the Irish now!) but by far the most impressive.

The class was to take place the following day, and after a few frantic texts and emails I finally managed to find 9 other willing cocktail-drinkers to come along with me.

I’ve mentioned before that Lost Society is one of my favourite bars in Dublin, and one of the reasons for this is that the cocktails are always delicious – so the prospect of learning to make my own was a very welcome one! We were taught how to make a Mary Pickford (think Sex-On-The-Beach), and the ironically named White Lion, which turned out to be shocking pink in colour.



We were shown the ropes by resident mixologist Ronnie, and although he showed us each cocktail step-by-step the amount of Havana rum consumed means I’m a little fuzzy on the particulars. We had a riot and I’d love to go back again and learn how to make my two favourite cocktails – a Cosmopolitan and a Caipirinha!

If anybody wants to sample a cocktail making class or just to try out one of the trendiest bars around, click here or follow them on Twitter @lostsocdublin.



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