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Happy Arthur’s Day!!

27 Sep


Before I moved to Dublin I had never come across Arthur’s Day, and had no idea what it was about. In fact, the day was created in 2009 to celebrate 250 years of the black stuff (that’s Guinness to you and me!). The day tends to involve a lot of Guinness-drinking, musical performances, a toast to the late Arthur Guinness at 17:59 (a reference to the year the Guinness Brewery began business) and general merriment.

As I missed Paddy’s Day, I’m hoping to make up for it tonight by heading into town and seeing what’s on offer. According to the Guinness website, pubs all over Ireland will be celebrating and several live acts will perform in undisclosed locations, including Amy MacDonald, Ellie Goulding, Example, Tinie Tempah and Mumford and Sons amongst others. You can also click on your local area on an interactive map to see which pubs are holding events and hints about where live broadcasts will be taking place.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Tinie Tempah, so if anyone comes across him on their travels don’t forget to tweet me @dublin_diaries! I’d also love to see your photos of your night out and will post the best on here.

Happy drinking!


Adelaide Road

26 Sep



Adelaide Road – Copyright Rebecca Ellis 2012

When I say “Chippen”, you say “Dale!”

26 Sep


Photo copyright @Chippendales 

So I’m sure you’re all wondering how my date with the Chippendales went. Let’s just say… it didn’t disappoint. The performance started at 8 so after some pre-show cocktails at Market Bar, we headed over to take our seats in the Circle area of the Olympia (well out of reach of the stage!). The excitement in the venue was palpable; women of all ages – but surprisingly, predominantly those in their twenties – were psyching themselves up for what promised to be one heck of a good show.

It started promptly at 8 and finished around 10, yet 2 hours of thrusting and gyrating passed surprisingly quickly. You would think that it may be fairly repetitive – exactly how many ways are there to rip your vest and shimmy out of your trousers? – but the variety of acts and of Chippendales themselves was entertaining enough to hold your attention. From firemen, pilots, Risky Business… this show had it all.

Without wanting to give too much away (who knows when they will next be in town?!), particular highlights included the singing stripper BC giving us his renditions of Boyz II Men and Enrique Iglesias, the military style chants (“When I say ‘Chippen’ you say ‘Dale’! Chippen..” “DALE!” “Chippen…” “DALE!” and “When I say ‘take it’, you say ‘off’! Take it…” “Off!”) and the excitable ladies who were pulled up onto the stage for a one-on-one show. After seeing how touchy-feely the Chippendales were with their willing victims, I was particularly grateful that we had chosen balcony seats but the girls and middle-aged women selected were definitely good sports.

After imparting a final instruction to “Save a horse, ride a cowboy!” whilst dancing around in chaps and cowboy hats, the Chippendales ended their final show at the Olympia and informed us that they would be waiting in the foyer to take pictures with anyone who might be willing. Judging by the noise that this statement provoked, it seemed like everyone fancied getting a bit closer to the guys. We did take a few cheeky mid-show photos but as they asked at the start that cameras were switched off during the performance, I won’t post any here. Unfortunately the queue to get photos with your favourite performer was about 200 ladies long, so we decided not to bother but there was another chance to get up, close and personal for those who wanted it at the Chippendales After-Party at the Arlington Hotel.

All in all I had a fantastic time, it was the perfect girls night out and if they are coming to your area soon, I definitely recommend!

If anyone else saw the show, it would be great to hear what you thought in the comments section below or on Twitter, @dublin_diaries.

To hear more from the Chippendales, follow them on Twitter @Chippendales or on Facebook.

Bow chicka wowwww….

21 Sep


First came The Full Monty. Then came Magic Mike. Now, the Chippendales are in town and I am going to have the chance to get up, close and not-so-personal with the beefcakes themselves – all in the name of journalistic investigation you understand!

My friend Laura decided to get a group of us together after an outing to the cinema to watch Magic Mike had us discussing their “fine acting” for days afterwards. I’m not really sure to expect – when I think of the word “Chippendales”, the image that comes to mind is of long-haired, muscly lothario Fabio and middle-aged women clapping enthusiastically. Not the most attractive thought as you can imagine! Instead, I have decided to believe that the modern-day Chippendales will be more along the line of Channing Tatum and his colleagues. Time will tell if I’m right on that one!

I happened across an article in today’s Irish Times debating the morality behind the Chippendales, and if the women going to the show are debasing men in the same way that generations of men have degraded women by visiting strip clubs. Call me shallow but I don’t fancy an existential debate to accompany my night out; I’ll be happy with a few cocktails, a few friends and seats that are just out of reach of the stage so there’s no chance of me being pulled up onto it!

If any of you fancy seeing what they’ve got, The Chippendales last show in Dublin is tomorrow night at the Olympia Theatre Dublin. Prices start from €27.

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Live Dublin, Die Young

21 Sep


Dublin Culture Night 2012

20 Sep


Tomorrow night the streets of Dublin will be full of people heading to one of the many events in Dublin Culture Night. With different events planned in various different quarters of Dublin, from Temple Bar out to Dún Laoghaire, there’s bound to be something for everyone’s taste.

The choice of events ranges from exhibitions, live art shows, entry into historic churches and houses, galleries and live performances of poetry and comedy. Even better, the chance to experience all of this Irish culture is completely free!

For a full list of events, check out the brochure at or check out their Twitter account @culturenight.

Culinary canal

20 Sep

Grand Canal on Mespil Road. Copyright Rebecca Ellis 2012.

Come rain or shine, every Thursday on my way to work I see various food stalls being erected beside the Grand Canal on Mespil Road. There are a variety of stalls, including Kerala Kitchen (Indian food), Mr. Noodle and Fish and Chips (both self-explanatory!).

If you fancy sampling the delights of outdoor-cooked food, the market can be found a few yards from where the floating restaurant La Peniche is moored.

Happy munching!

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